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Remote Device provisioning, Monitoring and management platform

WebAccess/DMP software


WebAccess/DMP Generation 2 is an advanced Enterprise-Grade platform solution for provisioning, monitoring, managing, and configuring Advantech’s routers and IoT gateways. It provides secure and simple zero-touch pre-provisioning and pre-configuration, regardless of how large your deployment is: from one device to thousands.

WebAccess/DMP Configuration Management

Configuration Management

AssureSync – WebAccess/DMP has incorporated industry best-practice Digital Twin technology. Our AssureSync engine will detect differences between Desired and Reported states, and automatically reconcile differences.

WebAccess/DMP Router App Managementt

RouterApp management

Deploy one or many of our pre-prepared RouterApps directly from WebAccess/DMP, to one or many of your remote devices. Manage the Apps and versions you deploy.

Use the device’s SDK to build your own RouterApp, then use the WebAccess/DMP API to publish and deploy it to your devices.

WebAccess/DMP Zero Touch Deployment

Zero-Touch deployment

Reduce manual configuration. Once successfully provisioned, the devices will automatically connect with the platform. WebAccess/DMP then will deploy the desired configuration, including FW, RouterApps, Scripts, and complete configuration.

WebAccess/DMP Configuration Management

Security - AssureAuth PKI

AssureAuth Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is used during the device provisioning sequence. Both device and server must mutually authenticate, using Advantech’s Certificate Authority as the root of trust.

WebAccess/DMP Device Health Monitoring

Device Health Monitoring

Every remote device has build-in secure health-monitoring status indicators, that are reported to WebAccess/DMP, and stored in a Time-Series database.

Location Monitoring

Location Monitoring

See a precise GPS-based geographic location for each of your remote devices (devices equipped with a GNSS module).

WebAccess/DMP Alerts


Keep your finger on the pulse – get a notification when somebody tries to change a password on your device, it is going offline, or the cellular signal level is not good enough.

WebAccess/DMP Auditing


Trackback on what happened over your device’s asset, and know who and when made changes.

WebAccess/DMP Integrations


WebAccess/DMP comes complete with a secure and full-featured REST-based API. Empower your world: plugin and build-out.

Try WebAccess/DMP 2 for FREE!

WebAccess/DMP is available as a cloud-hosted Solution-as-a-Service, available 24/7, with no setup cost or time investment required. Simply create an account for yourself at www.wadmp.com, and you’re ready to go: you can add up to 5 Cellular Routers or IoT Gateway devices free of charge with no obligations. There is no time limit on your user account and no limit to the number of users you can add to your free Tenancy. Advantech doesn’t require you to enter a payment method: getting started with management and monitoring is 100% risk-free for you.

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